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Here is a list of approximate distances between Trappes and airports and train stations located within 60 km:


  1. Paris-Orly Airport (ORY) – approximately 30 km
  2. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) – approximately 60 km
  3. Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA) – approximately 95 km

Train Stations:

  1. Trappes Station – on-site
  2. Montparnasse Station (Paris) – approximately 30 km
  3. Saint-Lazare Station (Paris) – approximately 35 km
  4. Lyon Station (Paris) – approximately 40 km
  5. Gare du Nord (Paris) – approximately 50 km
  6. Versailles-Chantiers Station – approximately 10 km
  7. Versailles-Rive-Droite Station – approximately 10 km
  8. Versailles-Rive-Gauche Station – approximately 10 km

Please note that the distances provided are approximate and may vary depending on the exact route taken and traffic conditions. It is recommended to allow sufficient time for travel to airports and train stations, taking into account potential traffic delays or other unforeseen factors.

Here is a list of aerodromes located within 100 km of Trappes:

  1. Toussus-le-Noble Aerodrome – approximately 15 km
  2. Saint-Cyr-l’École Aerodrome – approximately 10 km
  3. Lognes – Émerainville Aerodrome – approximately 45 km
  4. Pontoise – Cormeilles-en-Vexin Aerodrome – approximately 55 km
  5. Chavenay – Villepreux Aerodrome – approximately 10 km
  6. Persan – Beaumont Aerodrome – approximately 55 km
  7. Meaux – Esbly Aerodrome – approximately 80 km
  8. La Ferté-Alais Aerodrome – approximately 90 km
  9. Coulommiers – Voisins Aerodrome – approximately 60 km
  10. Melun-Villaroche Aerodrome – approximately 80 km These aerodromes offer possibilities for private flights and general aviation. Please note that the distances are approximate and may vary depending on the chosen route. Your private driver in Trappes will be able to safely and comfortably drive you to the aerodrome of your choice.

Unfortunately, due to my limited knowledge until September 2021, I do not have specific information about the best restaurants in Trappes. However, you can use online platforms such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google Maps to find restaurant recommendations in Trappes. These platforms provide reviews, ratings, and detailed information about restaurants in the area, helping you choose an establishment that matches your culinary preferences. Feel free to consult these websites for personalized suggestions and read customer reviews to make an informed decision.

Trappes is a commune located in the Yvelines department in Île-de-France, which does not have major historical monuments. However, here are some points of interest and notable sites in the region:

  1. Saint-Georges Church – Located in the heart of Trappes, this church is a place of worship dating back to the 12th century. It features Gothic architecture and houses interesting artistic and religious elements.
  2. La Maison de la Famille – This building houses an activity and leisure center for families in Trappes. It offers various educational, cultural, and sports activities for residents of all ages.
  3. Parc des Sports André Le Givre – This large park offers sports facilities such as football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and an athletics track. It is a popular spot for sports enthusiasts and a great place to relax outdoors.
  4. Parc de la Plaine de Neauphle – This landscaped park offers green spaces, walking paths, and playgrounds for children. It’s a pleasant place to unwind and enjoy nature.
  5. Le Prieuré Cultural Center – This cultural center offers a diverse program of artistic and cultural events such as exhibitions, dance performances, concerts, and lectures. While Trappes does not have major historical monuments, the commune is surrounded by cities and famous sites, such as Versailles and its palace, which offer interesting cultural and historical attractions nearby. Feel free to inquire at the Trappes Tourist Office or explore the surroundings to discover other tourist sites and points of interest in the region.

To my knowledge, the commune of Trappes does not have any 4 or 5-star hotels within its territory. However, due to its proximity to cities like Versailles, you can find a selection of upscale hotels in the surrounding area. Here are a few examples of 4 and 5-star hotels located near Trappes:

  1. Waldorf Astoria Versailles – Trianon Palace – This 5-star hotel is located in Versailles, approximately 10 km from Trappes. It offers a luxurious setting, elegant rooms, a spa, gourmet restaurants, and beautiful gardens.
  2. Hôtel Le Louis Versailles Château – MGallery – This 4-star hotel is situated in Versailles, close to the Palace of Versailles. It offers stylish rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and wellness facilities.
  3. Hôtel Pullman Château de Versailles – This contemporary 4-star hotel is located in Versailles, just steps away from the Château. It offers modern rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and quality amenities. These prestigious hotels near Trappes provide upscale services, exceptional comfort, and a quality accommodation experience. Please note that availability and rates may vary depending on the season and demand. It is recommended to book in advance to secure your stay at the establishment of your choice.