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Here is a list of distances to the nearest airports and train stations from Saint-Cyr-l’École, all located within 60 kilometers:


  1. Paris-Orly Airport (ORY): approximately 35 km
  2. Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG): approximately 44 km
  3. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG): approximately 51 km
  4. Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA): approximately 86 km

Train stations:

  1. Saint-Cyr-l’École Station: in close proximity
  2. Versailles-Chantiers Station: approximately 7 km
  3. Versailles-Rive-Droite Station: approximately 8 km
  4. Versailles-Montreuil Station: approximately 10 km
  5. Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Station: approximately 11 km
  6. La Défense Station: approximately 14 km
  7. Paris-Montparnasse Station: approximately 16 km
  8. Paris-Saint-Lazare Station: approximately 20 km

These distances are approximate and may vary depending on the route taken and traffic conditions. Please note that travel times may also vary based on these factors.

Here is a list of aerodromes located within 100 km of Saint-Cyr-l’École:

  1. Toussus-le-Noble Airport (TNF): approximately 6 km
  2. Chavenay-Villepreux Airport (XLL): approximately 13 km
  3. Villacoublay Airport (BA 107): approximately 14 km
  4. Saint-Cyr-l’École Airport (LNFP): in close proximity
  5. Paris-Orly Airport (ORY): approximately 35 km
  6. Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG): approximately 44 km
  7. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG): approximately 51 km
  8. Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA): approximately 86 km Please note that this list includes both civilian and military aerodromes in the region. Distances are approximate and may vary depending on the chosen route and traffic conditions.

Here are some of the best restaurants located in Saint-Cyr-l’École:

  1. Le Petit Baigneur – This restaurant offers traditional French cuisine with refined dishes and fresh ingredients. The ambiance is warm and friendly.
  2. Le Jardin Gourmand – This gourmet restaurant offers inventive and creative cuisine. The dishes are prepared with seasonal and high-quality ingredients, and the presentation is meticulous.
  3. Le Vieux Puits – This family-run restaurant serves generous and flavorful French cuisine. The dishes are prepared with local and seasonal products, and the hospitality is warm.
  4. Le Bistrot de Saint-Cyr – This bistro offers traditional French cuisine with authentic and generous dishes. The ambiance is convivial and relaxed.
  5. L’Orée du Bois – This restaurant offers refined cuisine with elegant and creative dishes. The ingredients used are of high quality, and the flavors are well-balanced.
  6. Le Jardin des Sens – This restaurant offers modern and inventive cuisine, highlighting seasonal products. The ambiance is elegant, and the service is attentive. These restaurants provide a quality culinary experience in Saint-Cyr-l’École. It is always recommended to make reservations in advance, especially during evenings and weekends, to secure a table.

Here are some of the monuments and points of interest in Saint-Cyr-l’École:

  1. Château de Saint-Cyr – This 17th-century castle is a true architectural gem. It is currently home to the Saint-Cyr Military Academy and is surrounded by a vast green park.
  2. Église Saint-Cyr-Sainte-Julitte – This church, built in the 12th century, is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. Its square bell tower and richly ornamented facade make it a remarkable monument.
  3. Maison de Jean Monnet – This historic residence belonged to Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of the European Union. Today, it houses a study center dedicated to his work.
  4. Parc de Marly – Although not located directly in Saint-Cyr-l’École, Parc de Marly is worth mentioning due to its proximity. This magnificent landscaped park was created in the 17th century by Louis XIV and offers stunning French gardens.
  5. Musée Maurice Ravel – This museum pays tribute to the famous French composer Maurice Ravel. It houses collections of personal items, sheet music, letters, and other documents related to Ravel’s life and work. These monuments and points of interest reflect the history and heritage of Saint-Cyr-l’École. They are worth visiting to discover the charm and cultural richness of the city.

Unfortunately, there are no listed 4 or 5-star hotels in Saint-Cyr-l’École according to the available information. However, it is possible that new establishments have opened or changes have occurred since the last update of my database. I recommend checking online booking platforms or contacting the local tourism office for up-to-date information on luxury accommodations available in the Saint-Cyr-l’École region.