A trip to Île-de-France would not be complete without a visit to the picturesque town of Les Mureaux. Situated on the Seine River, this charming town offers the perfect blend of tranquility, beautiful landscapes, and activities to enjoy. And what better way to explore this town and its surroundings than by hiring a private driver in Les Mureaux? Our private drivers in Les Mureaux are dedicated to making your journey as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. They are not only trained to provide high-quality service but also have extensive knowledge of the region, ensuring that you always arrive at your destination on time. Located not far from Paris, Les Mureaux has excellent transportation connections with several nearby train stations. The Les Mureaux train station serves as the main access point to the town, with regular trains to Paris Saint-Lazare, making it easy to explore the capital. But why bother with the hassles of public transportation when you can enjoy the comfort and luxury of a private driver in Les Mureaux? In addition to the rail network, several airports serve the region. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, the largest airport in France, is approximately 60 km from Les Mureaux. Orly Airport, the second-largest airport, is at a similar distance. These airports offer flights to domestic and international destinations. And of course, your private driver in Les Mureaux can effortlessly take you to these airports, ensuring you arrive at your flight on time. It’s also worth noting the proximity of Les Mureaux Aerodrome, which is used for private flights and general aviation. If you choose this mode of transportation, our private drivers in Les Mureaux are ready to take you to the aerodrome in a timely manner. Les Mureaux is also a city of history and culture. Sites such as the Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul Church and the Château de Becheville are must-visit attractions during your visit. And with your private driver in Les Mureaux, you can explore them without any worries. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, a private driver in Les Mureaux ensures that your journey is stress-free. It allows you to enjoy everything Les Mureaux has to offer without having to worry about transportation. So don’t hesitate and book your private driver in Les Mureaux today!

Here are the airports and train stations within 60 km of Les Mureaux:

  1. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – approximately 60 km
  2. Paris Orly Airport – approximately 45 km
  3. Beauvais-Tillé Airport – approximately 60 km
  4. Paris Saint-Lazare Train Station – approximately 35 km
  5. Paris Nord Train Station – approximately 38 km
  6. Paris Est Train Station – approximately 40 km
  7. Paris Montparnasse Train Station – approximately 37 km
  8. Paris Bercy Train Station – approximately 45 km
  9. Versailles-Chantiers Train Station – approximately 20 km
  10. Versailles-Rive-Droite Train Station – approximately 20 km
  11. Versailles-Rive-Gauche Train Station – approximately 20 km

These distances are approximate and may vary depending on the chosen route. A private driver in Les Mureaux can safely and comfortably take you to all these locations, ensuring that you always arrive at your destination on time.

Of course, here is a list of aerodromes located within 100 km of Les Mureaux:

  1. Lognes Aerodrome – approximately 70 km
  2. Chavenay – Villepreux Aerodrome – approximately 15 km
  3. Pontoise – Cormeilles-en-Vexin Aerodrome – approximately 35 km
  4. Persan-Beaumont Aerodrome – approximately 55 km
  5. Saint-Cyr-l’École Aerodrome – approximately 20 km
  6. Meaux-Esbly Aerodrome – approximately 85 km
  7. Fontainebleau – Avon Aerodrome – approximately 100 km
  8. Melun-Villaroche Aerodrome – approximately 95 km
  9. Coulommiers – Voisins Aerodrome – approximately 90 km With your private driver in Les Mureaux, you can travel comfortably and safely to these destinations, avoiding the stress of public transportation.

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Les Mureaux, perfect for a culinary break during your journey with a private driver in Les Mureaux:

  1. La Casa – A warm and friendly Italian restaurant known for its delicious pizzas and creative pasta dishes.
  2. Le Royal Wok – Offers a variety of Asian dishes in a casual setting. The all-you-can-eat buffet is very popular.
  3. Le Mogador – For those who enjoy Moroccan cuisine, Le Mogador is an excellent choice with a variety of tagines and couscous.
  4. Auberge des Écluses – A gourmet restaurant offering classic French dishes in an elegant setting with a view of the Seine.
  5. La Péniche – Located on a barge on the Seine, this restaurant offers modern French cuisine in a unique setting.
  6. L’Oustalet – A friendly bistro known for its authentic French cuisine. It is always recommended to check opening hours and make a reservation in advance to ensure a hassle-free dining experience.

Les Mureaux, although primarily known for its industrial character, has a few monuments and points of interest that your private driver in Les Mureaux can help you explore:

  1. Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul Church: A 12th-century church, classified as a historical monument, with remarkable Gothic architecture.
  2. Maison Bouvaist: A beautiful example of Belle Époque residential architecture.
  3. Château de Becheville: Former 19th-century manor, now housing the town’s media library.
  4. Parc de l’Oseraie: A magnificent 12-hectare park on the banks of the Seine, ideal for a stroll.
  5. V1 Memorial: A memorial erected to commemorate the victims of World War II bombings.
  6. Roseraie de Becheville: It features over 1600 rosebushes and 160 varieties of roses. These sites provide an ideal opportunity to discover another aspect of Les Mureaux during your journey with a private driver.

I’m sorry, but as of my last update in September 2021, there were no 4 or 5-star hotels in Les Mureaux. However, there are several quality and comfortable hotels in the town and nearby. For luxury accommodation, you may consider neighboring cities like Versailles or even Paris, where you will find a wide range of 4 and 5-star hotels. Your private driver in Les Mureaux will be able to take you to any hotel in the area safely and efficiently. Make sure to check for the most up-to-date information when planning your trip.